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What Is A Fractional CFO And How Can You Hire One?

January 10, 2022 Melissa Houston Episode 83
She Means Profit
What Is A Fractional CFO And How Can You Hire One?
Show Notes

“CFOs are essential to business, as they support  the CEO with strategic financial planning so the CEO can create the most profitable business possible.”

—  Melissa Houston

Happy New Year! In this solo episode of the Business Society Podcast, I want to talk about a new business trend that I think is especially useful for small to medium-sized business owners.

Have you heard of the “fractional C-suite”?

Hiring for a fractional C-suite position allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a C-level expert... on a part-time basis and through a package tailored to your needs! This cost-effective solution is absolutely ideal for businesses that are not at the point of needing (or able to afford) a full-time C-suite executive.

From monthly variance analysis to project accounting to cash flow management, this episode lays out the key services provided by a fractional CFO — with some bonus tips for boosting your profitability! 

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Why hiring a fractional CFO is an ingenious solution for many businesses 
  • What a fractional CFO will offer you that a bookkeeper and accountant will not 
  • How a monthly variance analysis will help you track your progress and identify areas of concern



01:06  Welcome to 2022!

02:27  The fractional C-suite

03:55  What is a fractional CFO? 

04:55  How will a fractional CFO help you?

07:39  Monthly variance analysis  

08:27  Key performance indicators

09:00  Cash flow management & stakeholders

10:14  Project accounting

11:20  Financial guidance & support

12:24  What to look for in a fractional CFO

15:16  Recap



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