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Manufacturing A Dream Business With REFY

July 08, 2021 Melissa Houston / Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek Episode 53
She Means Profit
Manufacturing A Dream Business With REFY
Show Notes

“You’ve GOT to get your product right.”

—  Jenna Meek

Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek are young entrepreneurs with a mission.

The pair recognized a need for simple-to-use beauty products that enhanced natural beauty and launched their independent UK makeup brand, REFY Beauty, relying almost exclusively on social media to raise awareness and cultivate their base of devoted fans.

Their strategy worked — not only did they develop a cult following, but within a month of their launch their product line was picked up by Sephora, a global beauty retailer with over 2500 locations in 34 countries around the world!

Launching a product-based business is always a challenge, but especially in an industry like cosmetics which is so highly regulated — and competitive.

Tune in to learn how Jess and Jenna perfected their initial product, launched it into the world, and expanded their offerings… all while winning internet acclaim!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

✔   REFY’s biggest challenges as a start-up — and how Jess and Jenna overcame them

✔   How a tiny start-up with only an idea managed to sign contracts with factories currently working with the world’s biggest makeup brands

✔  How Jenna balances the pressure of having two different brands

About Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek: At 24 and 28 years old respectively, saw a gap in the market for foolproof makeup products that enhance rather than hide your natural beauty. They brought together their unrivalled expertise in business and marketing to launch REFY Beauty and join a new wave of independent brands who owe their success to social media.



01:51  Meet Jess, Jenna & REFY

04:12  The products

05:27  Getting into Sephora

06:52  Developing & manufacturing 

10:38  The launch story

12:35  Shrine & REFY

14:04  Staying grounded while successful

16:58  Balancing two brands

18:39  Biggest start-up challenges

22:15  Achieving the dream

24:55  What’s next?


Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek 


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