She Means Profit

What You Need to Know as a Business Owner to Get Rich

March 06, 2023 Melissa Houston Episode 138
She Means Profit
What You Need to Know as a Business Owner to Get Rich
Show Notes

“It's not enough to have a good business idea. You need to have the financial structure in place.”

—Melissa Houston

When you hear the word “rich”, what emotion or feeling do you attach to it? Is it a positive notion? Are you proud, excited, and inspired to act? Or are you left feeling bothered, guilty, or even repulsed by it?

At the heart of being rich as a business owner is correcting that negative money mindset that being rich is bad. Getting rich is, first and foremost, more about financial confidence than it is about obscene luxury or vulgarity. In fact, it's a good thing to get rich because you can help others with money.

And while “rich” can mean different things to different people, this episode talks about three things you can do to build your wealth as a business owner.

Listen to learn:‌

  • Why getting rich is all about financial confidence
  • Why achieving financial freedom is a lot quicker through owning a business than traditional employment
  • How owning a business offers you a lot of flexibility 
  • How to have a plan in place for financial success
  • How getting rich as a business owner requires self-discipline
  • Why being a successful business owner requires resiliency


00:50  Intro
02:10  “Get rich” evokes a visceral reaction among most people 
02:53  Correcting the negative connotation with having money and being rich
04:10  Cash Confident pre-order bonus bundle
07:37  Reinvest profit to your business to flourish and thrive
08:54  Being a business owner affords you flexibility
09:44  Cash is the lifeline of a business
10:06  Having a financial plan for success
12:18  Self-discipline is the key
13:39  Manage the money coming in and out and live within the means
                of your business
14:57  Being a successful business owner requires resiliency
16:00  Building a successful business is not for the fainthearted

As a business owner, you have a tremendous opportunity to change your life by building wealth properly using available tools and resources.


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