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Building your Personal Net Worth

August 08, 2022 Melissa Houston
She Means Profit
Building your Personal Net Worth
Show Notes

“More money more problems” is a saying you’ve probably heard thousands of times. But there’s some truth to it! Statistics have shown that the higher your income is, the higher your debt likely is, too. A lot of psychology goes into it but, basically, when you have more money you spend more money. You chase after a certain lifestyle. And that’s not to say that a little luxury is a bad thing - you just have to understand your spending limits.

A lot of how we understand our own wealth and wealth journey is through calculating and understanding our individual net worth. From that number, we can build out budgets and caps. Bringing in a lot of money, after all, is only half the journey when it comes to building wealth. You have to manage that money smartly and keep your expenses below what you bring in.

This week’s episode gets down and dirty into money management, building wealth and the concept of personal net worth. Tune in to learn how you can take control of your road to wealth and what common financial pitfalls you can take steps to avoid. After all, no matter how big your paycheck is, no one gets rich by being in debt.

You’ll Learn:

  • The secret to being wealthy
  • The basis of money management and how to calculate your personal net worth
  • Action steps for managing money well and tracking financials
  • Why higher income often means higher debt


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