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Misconceptions, Manifestation & Money Mindset

August 01, 2022 Melissa Houston Episode 107
She Means Profit
Misconceptions, Manifestation & Money Mindset
Show Notes

Money manifestation culture is at an all-time high, and that’s a dangerous thing. Why? Because it’s not built around an actionable mindset - it’s predatory. Simply WISHING to be rich isn’t the same thing as having a healthy relationship with money. You can’t “magically” make more money appear and it’s a harmful narrative that plays on our vulnerabilities. I especially dislike how “manifestation” can get lumped in with the money mindset - but the latter involves both belief and work.

These misconceptions can be dangerous because they’re so tantalizing, and because we have so many misleading stories telling us that we essentially just need to wish hard enough. Helping entrepreneurs achieve true success is so important to me, so this type of snake oil can be detrimental. Instead, I advocate for money mindset and money management. Yes, you have to have a belief but that’s really just Step One. In fact, it’s literally the first step in my Five-Step Cash Confident plan.

In this week’s episode, I compare and contrast the dangers of manifestation culture and the strategy of money mindset. I share my own journey with money mindset issues and how I overcame them. Because it’s not just having a mindset for money - once you get it, you need to learn how to manage it or, just as quickly as it came, it’ll be gone again.

This week’s episode dismantles lies around mindset vs. manifestation and goes over the tools to not only bring in wealth but keep it around. Listen along and be sure to download my Five-Step Cash Confident framework so you can get on the road to a successful money mindset AND management.

You’ll Learn:

  • The dangers around predatory manifestation
  • Truths about money mindset
  • The difference between money mindset and manifestation and how to put the former into action
  • Why money management is the secret to wealth


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