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Powerful Profits: How to Increase Profits without Increasing Sales

June 06, 2022 Melissa Houston Episode 99
She Means Profit
Powerful Profits: How to Increase Profits without Increasing Sales
Show Notes

We’re often driven in business by the concept of “more, more, more,” especially when it comes to sales. Yes, we’re likely always going to be working to increase sales, too much growth too quickly can be unstable. In the end what you want to aim for are sustainable, predictable sales and sales increases.

You must be thinking, if you're not going 100% gung-ho into increasing sales, how can you still increase your profits? There are four major tips of things you can do to ensure you’re set up for revenue success.

  1. Starting with the basics, make sure your bookkeeping is in order and you’re keyed in at a high level to your financial statements. You’ll need a solid financial foundation for any kind of scaling. 
  2. Know your numbers. Once you know your numbers, you can grow your numbers. 
  3. Make a plan because you can’t get anywhere without a solid business and financial plan. Put that plan into execution and monitor your progress against it. Look for variances and learn from them. 
  4. Stay on top of your cash flow and shore up any inefficiencies. Keep an eye on your bills and where you can trim the fat.

In this week’s episode, we go over in-depth those four tips and what they look like in practice. Tune in and take note and you should see your own profits increase in the very near future.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why increasing sales isn’t always the best thing for your business
  • The four areas to focus on to shore up margins
  • Why those four areas are important to increase profits
  • How you should implement these steps and what to look for

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