She Means Profit

Leadership, Autonomy and Trust in Entrepreneurship

April 04, 2022 Melissa Houston / Megan Huber Episode 95
She Means Profit
Leadership, Autonomy and Trust in Entrepreneurship
Show Notes

“The thing about people being on a team is they are looking to be led. They want to be led. They actually want to be challenged. They also want to feel they have purpose.”

—  Megan Huber

Of all the hats you wear in your business, do you find the ‘Leader’ hat to be the least comfortable?

For women who aren’t entering entrepreneurship with a corporate leadership background, finding themselves as the head of a team can be challenging… even if that team is just two or three people! 

My guest Megan Huber transforms hustling women entrepreneurs into successful leaders and CEOs through a strategic approach based on simplicity, mastery, fundamentals, timeless business principles, and living a soul-first life.

“What tends to come to the surface — especially in women — when it comes to that leadership role is they have a lot of fears and a lot of insecurities that bubble to the surface,” Megan says. “They kind of have this fear of making other people uncomfortable, or they think they’re going to make other people uncomfortable if they hold them to a higher standard.”

This episode is designed to help you think more deeply about your own strengths and weaknesses… press play now for some amazing insights!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The top leadership skills that Megan helps women entrepreneurs develop 
  • Real-life examples of some of the most common issues that women business owners face — and how Megan helps her clients overcome them
  • How Megan worked through the leadership challenges that manifested while she was building her own business

About Megan Huber: Megan Huber is a business and life growth strategist empowering high-performing, 6-figure service-based business owners to transition from hustling entrepreneurs to 7-figure leaders and CEOs.



01:41  Meet Megan Huber

03:28  Good leadership

06:49  Teams & autonomy

08:26  Client example: insecurity & communication

12:08  Client solution: taking action

14:28  Megan’s leadership challenges

18:00  Our common thread as entrepreneurs

22:37  Takeaway


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